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Why Choose Us

Why a Robco CARBRA® is good for your car

Quality Design
Your Robco CARBRA® is expertly designed for a quick easy fit.


Quality Materials
Your Robco CARBRA® is made of high quality, UV protected, super tough vinyl backed with smooth felt. Compare the quality – we will gladly send you samples of the vinyl used.


Quality Manufacture
Your Robco CARBRA® undergoes stringent quality control procedures at every step of production to give you a first class product that lasts!

ISO9001:2000 certified


Good Value for Money
Your Australian made Robco CARBRA® is great value for the high quality materials used. Compare the difference!


Specials by Appointment
Older models or variations from standard models may be arranged, however vehicles must be available at our factory for patterns to be taken.


Delivery Australia Wide
In most cases, your made to order Robco CARBRA® is dispatched within a week. Over the last 20 years we have dispatched Robco CARBRA® all over Australia.